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Got Preps?

Not long ago, prepping had a negative stigma attached to it. Now all the mainstream outlets are cashing in on the idea with the reality based programs that don’t seem to realistically portray being prepared. The validity of the network and the participants are suspect, and the networks get the ratings they are looking for. The reality is, up until a couple generations ago, prepping (more accurately homesteading) was key to our existence. In many areas during that time, there was not a convenience store, or supermarket close, and likely a family may only get out to shop a few times a month.

Being prepared should be more of a responsibility than a hobby. Providing basic needs for your family, when they will need it most, is common sense.

There are also some basic skills every adult should know or learn. Even just some general knowledge about basic homesteading skills can go a long way to make an extended event manageable. There is a never-ending list of skills that would be helpful, or even profitable if normal day to day activities stop. If you are already a skilled mechanic, blacksmith, gardener, seamstress or hunter, just to name a few, your community would benefit from your knowledge, and you can use your trade to barter for needed supplies or services. For those of us whose current trade may be useless in an extended event (I manage computer networks, and won’t have much to do), then it is important to work on the most basic skills like: being able to start a fire using 3 different methods, gardening, foraging for food, fishing, hunting, building strong community ties and sewing. These skills will take time to become proficient at.

The time to start is now. Please comment on your view of prepping, and the mainstream media’s current biased view.

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