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Welcome to the maiden blog post @ sensiblepreppingonline

I finally fell off the deep end and started a blog on prepping. I have been mentored, have mentored, and consume most of my free time thinking of what may be in store for us in the future. The goal I have for this blog is to remain positive as I can, and provide a sensible view of being prepared for most challenges we may face. Not only may there be economic, natural disasters, or social disruptions, we may also have to deal with issues closer to home like job loss, a broken leg, etc.

I am not a writer, so bear with my writing style. i am sure it will get better with time. I have plenty of sensible prepping information to share. I likely won’t have the solution for Cold Fusion, or a perpetual motion machine, and most of the information and knowledge I have is found on many other sites. I hopefully can focus some viewers with ideas to help take some of the anxiety out of prepping, and talk them down from the ledge. Another purpose this site will serve is to link to items I feel would be needed in many situations, preferably before everyone else is also trying to get them too. I intend to be affiliated with a preparedness oriented company, while providing descriptions and hopefully some review of helpful products.

Thank you for visiting. I will provide some information about my background and family life soon. I hope you can benefit from my writing, and look forward to hearing comments from those that would like to share.

Take care,

Sensible Prepper