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SP’s thoughts on where we are heading…

I know I said this would be a positive site, but with a topic like prepping, you need some zombies in order to justify the effort. Zombies are jokingly used as metaphor for the events we prepare for, or those who have a survival plan to “shop” at Walmart when TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) happens. There are many reasons my family preps, but there are many reasons we have not thought of yet. Hopefully for all of us, the main reason we prep is if there is a small local weather event, or a possible job loss. The ability to have a few weeks of food, or other supplies on hand, will allow us not to spend needed cash unhand for basic needs, or keep us off the roads during bad weather to buy food.

Unfortunately I have to be sensible and look at other factors I see happening in the media. These events are occurring at an alarming rate, and much higher frequency. The dichotomy of our political system and the ineffectiveness of our so called leaders is shocking. It seems that rather than limiting the damage already caused economically and socially, they are piling on debt and infringing on our freedoms at an alarming rate. The seemingly local events are getting 24 hour nationwide coverage, and the division of us continues. The flames are fanned, the buses roll in from large interests on issues they feel additional support is needed. It’s sad to see where we were just a few years ago, and I don’t think the average person is paying attention, or at least cares where where heading as a society.

My biggest concern is the state of our economy and the fragileness of all interconnected systems that depend upon it. Civil unrest can be a cause or effect of a broken economy, and any motivated group can take their cause too far. If, or when, either the economy or the people break down, a cascading set of events unfold. Supply chains for stocking stores and gas station are severely disrupted, workers fail to go to work, utilities go dark or are under-maintained, businesses fold from lack of sales, and people take to the street to express their rage.

We likely have little effect on these macro issues we face. We are much better with trying to build communities and provide support to them. Local politics need to be closely followed and be sure the local politics reflect the needs of the community, as we have already lost the 535 reps and senators to the machine dividing us.

My priority for this blog is to get you to act now, to be prepared for the small events, as well as larger ones we may face. Times are good now to buy and plan for the future, to learn basic skills that could mean the difference between life and death. Any money you can comfortably spend now for long term food, water storage, creating energy for your home, is going to take much more later on if the paradigm doesn’t change.

Sorry for the rant, but please comment your opinions for our discussion.

Take care,
Sensible Prepper