Daily Archives: October 21, 2014

Are you prepared for an Ebola outbreak?

If you are not, then don’t worry too much (about Ebola that is). There are many reasons every household should have some preparations in order, and Ebola is not necessarily one of them. With all the media hype surrounding this horrific disease, the chances of it affecting you directly is almost zero.

The things you should be preparing for are not that glamorous or sexy, or receive the media hype that a pandemic can create. The potential for a job loss, localized weather events or family medical issues that could prevent you from working, or generating the income needed for day to day life has almost a 100 percent chance of happening to all households. The fact that you have some extra food, some extra money set aside for paying the bills and other common supplies set aside for a rainy day, may help offset the lost income during one of these mini-emaergencies.

If you have not started preparing, please start now. It does not matter what reason you prepare for, you won’t get to choose which disaster affects you. If it happens to you, it can be fairly certain having these supplies can make a difference during that hardship.