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Start gardening now, or pay the price

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It is getting closer to spring (thank goodness), and time is quickly approaching for getting the gardens ready. If you are not a gardener, then this year should be the kick in the rear to get you started. If you have been following the news lately, you should have heard that California is continuing another drought year with a bang. It has been reported that the largest state for producing many of the fruits and vegetables we see at the store has only received 1/4th of the snowfall they normally would get. Compound this with the dependence on diverted water from nearby states and environmental restrictions to save some endangered slug, prices and availability of common food you buy will be that kick you need. The government has already stated that they will not provide needed water from their stockpile to irrigate farmland, due to a limited initial supply for this year.

Gardening is a crazy mix between and art and a science. Starting a garden this year provides knowledge and experience for next year, and for life. These lessons compound over time and the yields increase each year due to the skill you learn and better soil care. Now is the time to be starting seeds. If you are not experienced at gardening, please ask a neighbor, friend, look online, or get some books to help get your garden started right.

The quality of the food you grow will be much healthier for you as compared to the “science” used by large scale growers to grow the redder and bigger than belief tomato that shows up at your grocery store weeks after it was picked. The taste and nutrition factor of food you can grow will be superior to most of the food in the stores, but it unfortunately may not look exactly like what you may be used to.

Learn to can extra food that you have grown, to fill your pantry and remind you of your hard work during the growing season. There are many reasons for food prices to rise, and it seems this year is going to be especially difficult, and we are not even out of February yet.

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