SP’s weekend foraging

I have been tracking some edibles growing in my yard this year, and wanted to show some simple things readers in the sticks might be able to find and enjoy. There is plenty of Sumac trees growing behind the dam of our pond. The small red berries have a coating on them that is very tart. You don’t need to eat them, as the flavor is just on the outside.

Sumac berries on the tree
Sumac berries collected

I usually will pick them in July, as they will lose flavor as the rain will washes off the tartness towards fall. Collect a couple of big berry pods, and put them in a container of drinking water to have a Sumac Lemonade.

I also collected some Amaranth seeds, but I was too late to catch them at the right time. I actually collected some seeds earlier in June, but thought they were not ready yet. the seeds in June were white and larger than the darker small seeds I collected over the weekend. Amaranth can be winnowed to just the seed, and milled to be an amendment to flour for baking. The smaller seeds would not winnow very well and will be spread out for a bigger yield next year.

Hopefully, foraging can include some jalapeños growing in the garden. My wife has grown them for a few years, but the yield didn’t seem to be enough to do anything with them. I used Simply Scratch’s Easy Homemade Pickled Jalapeños as a guide for my first pickling adventure. I only used a couple tablespoons of sugar, and the next time I will reduce it to one. The process was quick and easier than I thought it would be. Other than the sugar, the jalapeños came out tasting terrific, and were crisp.
Pickled Peppers

What do you have growing in your area that you have eaten? Please comment and share.


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