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Your home is your castle. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few feet of stone between your family and the outside world, and a moat with alligators. Unfortunately I don’t have a castle, but I have a mixture of rural and suburban areas around me. There are Pros and Cons to nearly all inhabitable structures, and where they are located.

The area you live is a key factor in how you should prep. I am not a fan of city living, and see many issues with trying to survive with thousands of other doing the same. There are many services that a city needs to bring into and out of it. All residents depend on these services for normal daily life like trash hauling, water supply, fuel, and food supplies. All these services would all be taxed during social unrest with our current just in time delivery system and the possibility of the service providers staying home to ride out the unrest with their families. Living in an apartment and trying to have a significant supply of food and water is tough due to the available room for storage. City living does have a few bright sides, they will get very high priority for restoring services and will be provided the bulk of all available supplies and assistance. Cities also offer many different communities of like-minded people ready to help each other.

Suburban living provides some relaxing of the issues I see with living in an urban environment. The ability to have a bit more property will allow for gardening, and possibly some small livestock. One of major drawbacks for me with these areas, could be the masses from the city heading out looking for resources.

Rural living can provide the most freedom from many of the issues above, and inversely suffers from small communities ready to assist each other. Priority of service restoration, as compared to living in urban ares, will also be much lower. Living in the country will require resourcefulness and more planning in advance, in order to provide the necessities

Some preppers living in suburban and urban areas will buy some property in a rural area for their BOL (Bug Out Location). They will preposition some basic supplies there, and head to it if social unrest is looming. Living structures on these properties could be a house, shack, travel trailer, tent or less to provide shelter while bugging out.

Where ever you live, have a plan in place to either keep supplies and Bug-In, or have means to get to a BOL, a relative or friends house that is set up for long term problems. Set goals now to try to move if you do not like the prospects of the area you are in. Look for opportunities to strengthen your ability to defend your family and preparations you put away for a rainy day.

Please leave comments you would like to share regarding the best place to make your castle.

Take care.

Sensible Prepper

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