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Where to start prepping?

You can’t start anywhere but at the beginning. You won’t have 3 months of supplies if you don’t have enough for a week. A prepping plan for most mini emergencies should get you through 3 days at least.

You should be able to find your food needs already sitting in your refrigerator and food pantry. Water will be a different story. I would suggest getting some bottled water, or save 2-liter soda bottles that have been rinsed out well and filled with tap water. There should be no need to add any chemicals to these containers as long as the conditions were clean when you filled them from the faucet.

Lighting is another important need if the power goes out. LED lanterns, candles and flashlights should be kept available, with a good supply of batteries. Cooking can be done outside on a grill, keep extra charcoal and lighter fluid on hand, or purchase an extra propane tank and keep it available for power outages. You will also want to have a small battery powered radio (preferably with NOAA Weather bands included) for monitoring the news and weather.

Please think carefully during the hot of summer or cold of winter, about ideas for heating and cooling your home safely during emergencies. The extreme summer and winter seasons could make your 3 day requirements more costly. An inexpensive generator is great to have, but the expected total runtime on them is relatively short. Small generators are best used for running the refrigerator/ freezer a few time a day, or keeping up with the sump pump during a storm. They are not designed for running 8 hours a day. The problem I see with the generators over 4000 watts is people either running a big generator to run small loads, or they are over loading and overusing them to the point of failure. A typical house uses very little energy unless the AC / heat, dryer, water heater and stove are running.  My extreme weather plan would center around running a small air conditioning unit in modest room during the summer. For winter, luckily we have a wood burning stove to knock down the chill. Another option is to heat a smaller area with a kerosene stove (assuming all safety warnings are being followed) in the winter.

Don’t forget you will also need to keep extra pet food available. You are still responsible for taking care of your pets during these mini emergencies.

These basic needs should be the minimal start to a 3 day plan:

  • food
  • water
  • lighting / radio / batteries
  • cooking
  • heating / cooling
  • pet food

I will go into more details on all these basic needs later on, and this 3 day plan should provide a basic starting point into prepping for short term inconveniences you will undoubtedly face.

Take care,

Sensible Prepper

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Welcome to the maiden blog post @ sensiblepreppingonline

I finally fell off the deep end and started a blog on prepping. I have been mentored, have mentored, and consume most of my free time thinking of what may be in store for us in the future. The goal I have for this blog is to remain positive as I can, and provide a sensible view of being prepared for most challenges we may face. Not only may there be economic, natural disasters, or social disruptions, we may also have to deal with issues closer to home like job loss, a broken leg, etc.

I am not a writer, so bear with my writing style. i am sure it will get better with time. I have plenty of sensible prepping information to share. I likely won’t have the solution for Cold Fusion, or a perpetual motion machine, and most of the information and knowledge I have is found on many other sites. I hopefully can focus some viewers with ideas to help take some of the anxiety out of prepping, and talk them down from the ledge. Another purpose this site will serve is to link to items I feel would be needed in many situations, preferably before everyone else is also trying to get them too. I intend to be affiliated with a preparedness oriented company, while providing descriptions and hopefully some review of helpful products.

Thank you for visiting. I will provide some information about my background and family life soon. I hope you can benefit from my writing, and look forward to hearing comments from those that would like to share.

Take care,

Sensible Prepper